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This website has been made available as part of the community consultation plan for the establishment of a clinical and related waste incineration facility (the facility) in the Brewer Road Industrial Estate, approximately 20 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs.

The facility proposed by Incinerwaste Pty Ltd has recently (7th September 2017) been granted an environment approval by the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to construct and operate such a facility, subject to compliance with approval/licence conditions.  During commissioning a comprehensive suite of stack tests will take place to validate compliance with the emission limits specified in the licence.

Incinerwaste will be able to provide a local solution for the management of clinical and related waste from the greater Alice Springs region in an efficient and responsible manner fully compliant with all EPA requirements.

The facility will establish a local waste management service to Alice Springs and the region using world leading technology for the treatment and disposal of clinical and related wastes.

The facility proposed is “a facility for storing, recycling, treating, or disposing of listed wastes on a commercial basis”, and therefore according to the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act, has required approval from the EPA before construction works can begin, and after commissioning will require an EPA licence to operate.

It is expected that there will be a lead time of approximately four to six months after EPA approval to complete construction, installation and commissioning. It is therefore expected that the facility will begin operations in early 2018.


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