About Us

Incinerwaste started the process of investigating clinical and related waste disposal needs and solutions for the greater Alice Springs region in early 2015 culminating in the submission to EPA of an environmental assessment of the proposed activities and facility under the Environmental Assessment Act.

During 2016 further investigations took place as to the best available incineration technology suitable for the facility to meet its intended use and comply with EPA requirements.  

In early 2017 Terragon’s Micro Automated Gasification System (MAGS) was selected as the best technology for the proposed facility as it was found superior to the conventional incineration technology originally assessed.

An environmental assessment of the MAGS technology was submitted as an adjunct to the previous work in an ‘Application for Environmental Approval’ to EPA in April 2017.

Incinerwaste has been established in response to the community need for an EPA approved local disposal service for clinical and related wastes in the region.

We will support local health care facilities, such as hospitals and clinics; doctors; dentists; vets; the Council; police; military; quarantine services; and other commercial and industrial entities in the disposal of their clinical and related wastes, confidential documents/data and contraband items.

EPA has recently (7th September 2017) issued an environmental approval/licence to Incinerwaste to allow for the construction and commissioning of the facility. Incinerwaste hopes to commence operations, subject to compliance with all approval/licensing conditions, early in 2018.