Client Relationships

Client relationships are important to us.  Ensuring that wastes are processed in a safe, compliant and cost-effective manner is important to our clients.  One way of assisting our clients will be the co-conducting of waste audits.

Health care and related institutions generate both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.  Proper classification and segregation of wastes at the point of generation should ensure that these waste streams remain separate.  The objective of the waste generator should be to maximise the amount of non-hazardous waste that can be safely recycled, or requires disposal to landfill, and minimise the amount of hazardous waste that requires more specialised and costly treatment/disposal methods, such as incineration.

Incinerwaste will help clients achieve this as well as ensuring clients understand what wastes will not accept for processing.  Waste exclusions and prohibitions are important in protecting the physical integrity of the MAGS unit and our environmental compliance responsibilities.

Clients will have information sessions with Incinerwaste about these issues and the appropriate packaging of wastes required for Incinerwaste’s efficient operation.