The Facility

The Incinerwaste facility will be located in the Brewer Road Industrial Estate, Hugh, about 20 km SW of Alice Springs.

The Micro Automated Gasification System (MAGS) will be able to process up to 50 kg per hour of waste and is intended to process up to 90 tonne of clinical and related wastes in its first year of operations.

Wastes to be processed include:

  • Potentially infectious wastes, such as various wastes contaminated with body fluids, contaminated sharps, wastes associated with isolation or quarantine ward patients, cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated biological products, human blood and blood products, pathological wastes, placentae, body parts and other tissue.
  • Laboratory and pharmaceutical chemicals such as expired drugs, disinfectants, pathological samples (e.g. blood, urine, faeces, biopsies, etc.).
  • Cytotoxic wastes and residues. Cytotoxic wastes consist of any items contaminated with cytotoxic drugs and their residues used mainly in the treatment of cancer.
  • Some general refuse similar to generic wastes from residences, aged care facilities and health care institutions which may include disposable and soiled linens, paper, nappies and incontinence products.
  • Quarantine wastes, from any international flights coming into Alice Springs and Uluru;
  • Security related wastes, including confidential information (paper and digital media);
  • Contraband arising from police and customs activities that can include illicit drugs and substances; and
  • Animal carcasses from local Council and veterinarians.

Further discussion with EPA will determine what other wastes may be able to be processed by the MAGS, such as oily rags, waste oil, packaging or plastic wastes that  contain residual hazardous wastes, used organic cleaning fluids, etc.

Waste bins will be cleaned and sanitised at the facility using hot water generated by the MAGS and returned to the waste generator as part of the overall waste management service.