The Facility

Resource Recovery

Incinerwaste’s disposal facility will have a number of significant resource recovery innovations incorporated into its operations, as the MAG System is a ‘waste-to-energy’ technology. 

MAGS is an energy generating device that is fuelled by waste and produces up to 120 kW of thermal energy for use by the site where it is located.  

The MAG system gasifies the waste into a fuel gas that heats the unit after initial start-up significantly reducing the natural gas required to power the unit during operations.  Further heat recovery produces large quantities of hot waste for use in bin and facility cleaning.

In addition to natural gas fuel savings, the gasification process produces a char (basically carbon) rather than an alkaline mineral ash.  This carbon has not been converted into carbon dioxide as in traditional incineration and therefore further enables significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions from the process.

Rainwater collection is anticipated to meet 80% of process water needs (even more if process water recycling is included) and plans for a solar PV system to be installed in late 2018 will be intended to meet 50% of facility needs.

When fully completed this small facility will be the most efficient of its type in Australia and be able to offer a local cost effective and fully compliant specialised waste management service to the greater Alice Springs region.