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  • Hse Management Australia Pty Ltd

    Well done Darren Burton! A genuine solution to one of society’s problems that so readily gets put in the ‘too hard basket.

    When it comes to incineration waste disposal, we this facility is presenting as an environmentally responsible solution. Especially if you consider research data that cites an effective incineration process such as this one produces 24 times less Greenhouse Gas emissions than any other disposal method. The use of the high temperature incinerator ear-marked for Alice Springs, demonstrates how Darren Burton and Incerwaste are leading the market in the safe and efficient disposal of hazardous waste. The incineration process is simple and highly effective.

    We appreciate the need to protect our precious environment, which is why this alternative is so much better than the harmful method of landfill.

  • Lisa Sly

    A much needed facility in the NT. A local supporting local growth, creating jobs. Fantastic!

  • Carl Carlsund

    Finally, a local solution to a local problem!
    Well done Incinerwaste.

  • Richard Spencer

    As a long term resident of Alice Springs, I see this as an essential facility for the Alice Springs community. Good luck.

  • Wayne Fan

    Just testing the feedback loop

    • Incinerwaste Alice Springs

      Feedback received!